BRAKE DUST PROFESSIONAL Wheel rim Cleaner Chrome Aluminum shine German Made

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Rim Cleaner Gel High Quality Made in Germany
Product properties: 
Rim Cleaner Gel is a highly efficient cleaner for all types of lacquered alloy and steel wheel rims. Due to the special gel formulation, this cleaner adheres to vertical surfaces and easily removes baked-on brake dust, oil and rubber residues and other road dirt. Ensures a gentle and intensive cleaning of wheel rims.
- free of acids (alkaline)
- raises effectively and quickly stubborn dirt
- easy application (spray or apply with brush)
- short action
- good adhesion on vertical surfaces
Area of application: 
For all vehicles with painted steel, chrome or aluminum rims
Check for material compatibility and shake well before use! Spray the cleaner equally onto the surface from a distance of approx. 20 cm and let it react for about 60 seconds (depending on degree of contamination). For stubborn residues, the cleaning effect can be improved by using a soft brush. Afterwards rinse with plenty of water. Note: Do not use on hot or uncoated wheels.
Do not let the Cleaner dry on the surface.
500ML (17oz)